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Exclusive FJORD event in Saint-Tropez

04 luglio 2024

In an exclusive event that brought together many select yachting enthusiasts in mid-June, for the first time in France, we presented our latest masterpiece, the FJORD 39 XL power boat at the Saint-Tropez Lounge Club. With her uniqueness in creating a balance between style, comfort, and unparalleled performance, she is a real stunner. It is hard not to be captivated by the beauty of the FJORD 39 XL.

Two weeks ago, our guests gathered in an extraordinary event, where the main star was our latest model – the FJORD 39 XL.  The event was organised together with our partner - Servaux Yachting. We wanted to ensure that her debut would be worth remembering.

We wanted to bring the whole FJORD family together. In this particular case, this statement has a double meaning. By family we mean You. All of FJORD enthusiasts, boat owners, sailing experts, international guests & journalists, followed by FJORD Yachts & Servaux representatives. During the event, we brought not only FJORD 39 XL, but also the iconic FJORD 41 XL & our flagship FJORD 53 XL. All that, to give our guests the best possible overview about both – similarities but also differences between different yachts in the FJORD family portfolio.

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The event took place in The Saint Tropez Lounge Club. It’s a private club with a prestigious setting in the heart of Saint Tropez. It is beautifully located just above the harbor master's office, with breathtaking views of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez and the village. It was important for us not only to give people a showcase presentation of the new model, made by our Product Manager – Andrea Zambonini, but also to let them have a chance for mutual exchange of opinions and networking. After the official part of our meeting, people could enjoy the sundowner, immerse themselves in the music & hit the dance floor.

The next day, we moved smoothly to a hands-on experience with FJORD 39 XL by allowing the attenders to take the steer of this dynamic yacht and glide through the waves at speeds of up to 45 knots. We had the great opportunity to organise an exceptional joint cruise towards Pampelonne beach, in the breathtaking ambiance at the Côte d'Azur.

But performance capabilities are not everything that the FJORD 39 XL stands for. She is a model in which the best features of three distinct worlds align. German engineering assures explosive dynamism, paramount safety, and impeccable craftsmanship. Scandinavian purism bestows upon it a striking visual allure while the Mediterranean way of life serves as the model for its numerous luxurious details. We needed to let people have the whole picture of the new FJORD. That’s why, after a day full of adventures, we gave our guests the chance to relax on the comfortable sun loungers, with a drink of their choice, from one of the fridges available on the yacht.

This was also a great moment for the visitors to have a firsthand experience with our new selection of textiles, which were carefully selected to combine comfort, elegance, and functionality. Many elements of the yacht can be customised to reflect individual styles and needs. We hope that our guests enjoyed our event & a weekend with the FJORD family.

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So, if you are interested in buying your own FJORD or in boat shows, boat tours, and boat shows in general, but you couldn’t be at our last event in Saint Tropez, don’t be worried. There will be more chances to get a hands-on experience with FJORDs 39 XL, in the upcoming months. For more information check our events page & let’s keep in touch for more information about FJORD.

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