Iconic powerboat design is complemented with a breathtaking wealth of layout options in the FJORD 41 XL. Be elevated to the highest level of customisation, where every yacht is a unique masterpiece. The degree of individualisation sets new standards and opens up a realm of possibilities for designing your dream boat. Whatever your plans — exploring new waters, throwing parties or worshipping the sun — a wide selection of spectacular furnishings is available for the sleek upper deck. The interior excels with a unique composition of materials and colours that can be customised to precisely match your style and layout ideas. Take the opportunity to create a design icon with a truly personal touch — a yacht as unique as you.

Exterior design

Fjord yachts combine outstanding performance, comfortable handling, and impressive design.

Interior design

Fjord yachts combine outstanding performance, comfortable handling, and impressive design.

Space for your wishes.

Choose from a variety of layouts to get the space that best suits your individual wishes and needs. The Fjord 41 XL offers four different upper deck layouts with aft benches, galley and T-top. And six lower deck layouts with head and 1-2 cabin.

Choose from among the various styles and create a FJORD unique like you!


timeless / muted / pure

Create Your own living world

We build unique yachts for You!

As a key member of the product development team, I'm thrilled to share the journey behind our innovative 41-foot walkaround day yacht. From concept to creation, our focus was on delivering unmatched versatility and luxury to our discerning clientele. The inclusion of up to two cabins and multiple layout options in both the main and lower decks was born out of extensive market research and customer feedback.

We meticulously crafted each layout to optimise space utilisation and enhance the onboard experience, whether for day trips or extended stays. By offering various configurations, we cater to the diverse preferences and lifestyles, ensuring every aspect of the yacht aligns with your needs and desires.

Our dedication to excellence extended beyond layout versatility. We employed cutting-edge design principles, premium materials, and advanced engineering techniques to ensure the highest standards of quality, comfort, and performance. The result is a yacht that not only meets but exceeds expectations, setting a new benchmark for luxury day yachts in her class.

Andrea Zambonini - Product Manager

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