The FJORD Journey 

 From humble Norwegian beginnings inspired by global craftsmanship, FJORD has evolved into an icon that melds raw power with unmatched comfort. Acclaimed awards like the European Powerboat of the Year and industry recognition punctuate the brand's longstanding alliance with HanseYachts AG, writing a tale of relentless innovation and exceptional seafaring elegance. 


A Vision Takes Root 

At the end of the fifties, Norwegian factory owner Alf Richard Bjerke was captivated by British and Mediterranean boatbuilding traditions at a German boat fair. Right there, he envisioned a paradigm shift - one infused with the Norwegian spirit - robust as the Vikings, reliable, honest, seaworthy, and strong. His musings lead him to a name as enduring as the vision: FJORD. 


The Dawn of FJORD Plast 


Along with engineers Finn B. Roer and Jan Herrmann Linge, Alf Bjerke established FJORD Plast. Their first creation, the FJORDling, tapped into the zeitgeist, capturing the hearts and minds of boating enthusiasts.  

Early 1970s

The early '70s marked a pivotal era as FJORD proliferated, eclipsing European competitors. The brand diversified its fleet with open Weekenders, Cabin Cruisers, and sporty Dolphin yachts. A significant leap arrived with the Sedan flagships, which also came in a flybridge version for a panoramic marine experience. 

Terne: The Elegant Revolution 


A disruptive innovation marked the end of the '80s: the Terne series. The brand shattered norms by creating GRP boats styled like classic, elegant wooden vessels. Characteristic side windows and expansive cockpits quickly set a new standard in Scandinavian boat building culture. For the first time, FJORD targeted an exclusive clientele with intricately detailed models ranging from 21 to 28 feet. 

Millennial Reimagining 

With the turn of the century and driven by a fresh philosophy, FJORD transformed itself once again. The new direction attracts everyone's attention as a puristically interpreted power boat. Collaborations with global experts like Patrick Banfield, known for his Mediterranean aesthetics, and Jim Wilshire, with high-speed patrol boat expertise, brought fresh perspectives. In 2005, the brand was acquired by HanseYachts AG and benefited from advanced manufacturing technology, achieving a harmonious blend of styles and technical prowess. 


Legacy and Beyond 

Today, FJORD continues its legacy of maritime luxury while celebrating remarkable milestones. Over the past four years, the brand has seen a 500% increase in revenue and a steady 17% growth rate. In 2019, this success was highlighted by the sale of FJORD's 500th yacht.  


One of the latest additions to this growing fleet is the FJORD 53 XL, a testament to the brand's enduring vision for unparalleled engineering, customisation, and performance. Future models loom on the horizon, too, further promising to elevate FJORD’s distinctiveness as the unmatched epitome of boating luxury and dynamism. 

Model History

LEGACY models