Fjord 44 coupé

The FJORD 44 coupé complements the stylish puristic open layout characterising the FJORD power yachts with a luxurious and streamlined deck house. The arc saloon is a multifunctional structure, built from real glass, stainless steel and high-quality GRP composites. It has an elegant arched design and enhances the use case of this FJORD. Two side doors at the front, two electric windows at the sides, an electric sunroof and a majestic twin sliding door at the back make the arc saloon as versatile as possible.

Exterior design

FJORD yachts combine outstanding performance, comfortable handling, and impressive design.

Interior design

FJORD yachts combine outstanding performance, comfortable handling, and impressive design.

Space for your wishes.

Choose from a variety of layouts to get the space that best suits your individual wishes and needs. The FJORD 44 coupé offers two different upper deck layouts with aft benches, galley and stern cockpit table. And three lower deck layouts with head and 1-2 cabins.

Choose from among the various styles and create a FJORD unique like you!


timeless / muted / pure

Create Your own living world

    As a member of the product development team, I'm proud of our exceptional 44-foot walkaround / coupé yacht. From inception to execution, we focussed on crafting a vessel that not only excels in functionality but also stands out for its iconic exterior design.

    The closed version offers unrivalled comfort, such as privacy with appropriate climate control, and accessibility to enhance the overall usability of the yacht.

    From its sleek silhouette to its eye-catching accents, this yacht is a true work of art on the water.

  • Owners review

    “The glazed Arc Salon of the 44 coupé is ideal for the unsteady weather on the Baltic Sea. When cruising across the sea or having a cosy evening with friends, I can simply close the doors and still have a clear view of the surrounding water. The hull of the yacht is covered with a flip-flop foil. Therefore, it shines in different shades of purple depending on the angle of view and time of day. This makes her discreet and striking at the same time, just like me,”

    Mark Straßberger - Fjord 44 coupé Owner
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