Be Unique!


FJORD yachts seamlessly combine German precision with the minimalist, linear form that epitomises Scandinavian design. The walkaround deck enhances ease of movement and ensures that your journey on the water is a pure pleasure. This craftsmanship continues below deck, where powerful engines come to life, providing unrivalled performance and safety.

Engine Performance

Pure Thrills

Power is in our DNA. Each of our powerboats is built for unparalleled performance, featuring engine options reaching up to a staggering 1,200 hp and speed capabilities exceeding 40 knots, all without compromising safety.

Waterline Design - Speed Through Elegant Geometry

The FJORD power boats are a unique combination of engineering precision and elegant design, and a key element of this achievement is the unique V-shaped hull. This design promises - and delivers - superior speed on a variety of courses, underscoring FJORD's commitment to exceptional performance.

All in all, FJORD boats are the quintessence of innovation and luxury, offering users not only unforgettable adventures on the water, but also a complete sense of comfort, convenience and safety.

Supportive Seating

Ride in Comfort

Sporty pilot seats provide optimal support during dynamic driving, ensuring you stay comfortable even at high speeds.

Walkaround Designs - Room to Roam

Whether you're entertaining guests or simply savouring the open sea, ample space is a hallmark of our design philosophy. Features like walkaround layouts and generous tables and lounges elevate both deck and cockpit areas, creating environments that harmoniously fuse comfort with utility. Scandinavian elegance, Mediterranean luxury, and German precision.