Be Unique!

German quality

Impeccable Manufacturing Quality

Leveraging the seasoned expertise of HanseYachts AG, FJORD relies on a dedicated team deeply passionate about the sea and the vessels that navigate it. We infuse each creation with elements of elegance, luxury, and exacting detail through award-winning manufacturing techniques across diverse disciplines. This dedication to excellence is put to the test under rigorous real-world conditions, reinforcing our unwavering commitment to delivering an experience that is as powerful as it is safe.

Fjord - Your Yacht of Choice

One drive and you will understand. FJORD powerboats were engineered for those who look beyond convention and seek the extraordinary.

More Than Just a Series Yacht

FJORD powerboats bring new standards of engineering excellence and design intelligence to the water, providing users with an unparalleled experience at sea. Key to their success are innovative engineering and design solutions that ensure optimal space planning, generous storage space, comfort and safety in use.

Designed for maximum comfort and convenience, FJORD powerboats offer spacious interiors that take advantage of every inch of available space. Smart solutions, such as multifunctional tables and seating, allow the interior to be flexibly customised to individual needs and preferences.